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Working with an Interior Designer

Successful  projects  are  the  result  of  an  effective  collaboration  between  you  and  me,  the  interior  designer. 

The  working  relationship  you  establish  with  me  is  crucially  important  – you  want  to  enjoy  the  journey  as  well  as  the  destination.  Working  with  an  interior  designer  is  all  about  the  business  of  trust.  You place  trust  in  me  to  design  your perfect home  environment  and  execute  change  with  professional  aplomb.  In  return  I  trust  that  you reimburse  me  when  invoiced  for  the  work  I  have  completed. 


Building a  trustworthy  relationship

Rapport with my clients is everything to me.  We must  speak  and listen fervently with each other. You may already have ideas or  inspiration for your home, and as an interior designer  I will listen and consider your ideas, ensuring the concept works in reality.  My design eye can be used for devising eye opening ideas and possibilities that may not have occurred to you. 

Attention to detail makes your space look finished and harmonious. Our working relationship is a collective, resulting in a home  that is worthy of your presence.



Feedback is invaluable. No I’m not going to ask you to complete a feedback form! However what I do ask is if you love something, let me know, if you want  it modified, let me know, or if you  detest something, let me know, I will  listen.


What I can do for you

Interior Design includes paint colours, wall  paper and window treatments, however that is just scratching the surface of how I can add exceptional value to your home.

I can go beyond cosmetic treatments to ensure that your home feels well-proportioned and comfortable, balancing design  considerations  with  your specific needs, that will reflect how you live in your home. The floor plan, architectural style and  furniture  positioning through to the finishing details, I envision, plan and outfit your space in a way that makes it stylish and  functional.

Karyn Hopper

Karyn Hopper is a well-known interior designer specialising in residential interior design. Wellington born and raised and extensively travelled Karyn has gathered design inspiration from North America, Europe and Australia. Her creative influencers include the architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright, the dramatic and colourful pottery of Clarice Cliff, and design gurus Sir Terence Conran, Andrew Martin and Kelly Hoppen. 

In 2012 Karyn founded Studio 28 and has since engaged with many home owners, helping create a comfortable living environment for their families. Karyn’s design philosophy is to add exceptional value and create wow factor within the constraints of a budget. Her strengths are her attention to detail and her ability to create ambience in a living environment. Old or new, classic and timeless, comfortable and easy are all part of Karyn’s creative repertoire. 

In 2017 Studio 28 became an exhibitor at the Home Ideas Centre in Petone and she now has a regular following of attendees at her informative seminars that occur throughout the year. 

Karyn’s exhibition design skills are now utilised by other exhibitors and have added an extension to her business.  She has a Diploma in Design and Decorating and is a Member of the Designers Institute of New Zealand (DINZ).


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